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I have a unique 'Combination Approach' to treating Fibromyalgia patients, based on my physiotherapy skills and nutritional expertise. I combine non-invasive, hands-on physiotherapy techniques with sound nutritional advice and strategies for coping with Fibromyalgia. I give advice on how to maintain this better state of health and prevent future 'flare-ups'. I give the patient the knowledge and expertise to actually help get themselves better.

What can my 'Combination Approach' do for you?

  • Do you frequently crave chocolate, sweet foods or carbohydrates, e.g. bread, pasta or fruit? Do you feel nervous, anxious and overwhelmed when you are hungry? Do you get hunger pangs or nausea when you go too long without food? Do you suffer from mild panic attacks or phobias? Do you struggle with your weight, and have a 'fat pad' around your middle?

    The unique nutritional advice I offer will help to constantly stabilise your blood sugar levels, helping you to regain control: mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Do you suffer from blurry or changing vision, poor night vision, dislike of bright lights and checked patterns? Do you suffer from pain around the eyes, frequent headaches or eye strain? Has reading become unpleasant - do you lose your place easily, do the words move around, is it difficult to concentrate?
    My specially adapted eye exercises can help to remove the trigger points in your eye muscles, which are likely to be causing these symptoms.

  • Do you suffer from frequent yawning or sighing? Are you easily out of breath? Is it difficult to talk and walk at the same time? Do you feel tightness or pain around your ribs? Do you tend to overbreathe?

    I have devised gentle exercises and techniques to remove the myofascial bands around your ribs, then re-educate your breathing patterns to maximise oxygen intake, which should relieve the above symptoms.

  • Do you suffer from aches and pains in many parts of the body, especially in the neck and scapula areas, top of feet, and outerside of thigh? Do you suffer from RSI or Plantar Fasciitis?

    I can help to reduce this pain by breaking down the myofascial bands using basic deep massage and physiotherapy techniques, after my dietary recommendations have started to reduce the build-up of waste products in the myofascia.

Please note this is not a miracle cure and full commitment to the treatment programme is required to give the best chance of success.

Treatment Fees for

Initial assessment and treatment
(about 3 hours)


Follow-on treatments
(2 to 3 hours)

up to 70

Telephone or Skype consultation
(per hour; click here for details)


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"After four or five weeks on your diet I feel much more physically and emotionally stable."
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